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ABC iView Desktop - Using Adobe AIR to wrap your Web Application as a cross-platform Desktop Application

Angel Ruiz adobe-air, desktop, web-apps

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What is it?

I have known about the Adobe AIR runtime and its concept for quite a long time, which were initially introduced back in 2007. It was an attempt to bridge the existing gap between the desktop and browser based apps, keeping as many of their respective advantages as possible.

For what I know, basically there are two ways of using Adobe AIR:

  1. You can develop an application using web technologies like HTML or Flash/Flex expecifically targeting this distribution platform, or
  2. You can develop your web application as usual and then wrap it around this "envelope".
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Angel Ruiz
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My MongoDB presentation at the CJUG

Angel Ruiz mongodb, presentation

Long overdue, here is the presentation I did for the Canberra J(ava) Users Group on
the 14th of August 2013.

Please click once inside the presentation area and then use the spacebar or the arrow keys to go through the

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How to upgrade your HDMI dongle MK809II to Android 4.2.2 with the Finless ROM 2.0

Angel Ruiz android, hack


This post is a concise and comprehensive summary of the steps I have followed to upgrade my HDMI dongle MK809II (Rochip RK3066 chipset) to use the 4.2.2 version of Android.

After reading plenty of confusing guides, finally I stambled upon this video bellow which explains the process for the older 1.7 version of the Finless ROM. But if all you want is to flash a ROM, you can skip to the 26:30 minute.

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